Your item, Car Reveal, has been rejected

hello, guys help evaluate the project, I think that my project was unfairly rejected, what do you think?

reason for rejection: Placing a single, random logo on a 3D model doesn’t really qualify as a complete After Effects template.
but I can insert 2 logos that can be seen on the video, so you can change the color
I do not understand why the project was rejected

Hello guy! I think your item does not fit the market. Does it make sense to have lightning in the car? Besides, lightning does not hide good. Good luck!!

I think it’s close to approval. The transformation part itself is really well made. You just need to make it shorter, and maybe replace the lightning with something else, maybe some ambient particles?

If you can make one continuous 360* camera motion that shows the car for 2 seconds and then transforms in the same angle, you might have a better chance

I really think the main problem is that it’s too long and drawn out kind of. Gotta keep in mind that people nowadays want short intro’s. Typically under 10 seconds, at the 5 seconds mark you should have the logo on the screen.