My Product rejection

Deall all,
i upload my after effect intro many time. uploading successfully every time and same procedure follow when i upload my project as per instruction on envato. after review project has been rejected .i share all included files and folder with help materials etc … please guide procedure so i sell my item on envato

thanks in advance

Please share your intro so that we can have a look

how can i share

Hi. Upload your video to YouTube and paste the link here

please check this

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I like it. But in my opinion the “travel” to the final logo should be longer, to give a bigger “visual punch” to the end of the reveal, maybe with some camera shake. Anyway, I’ve seen other simpler logos approved.

Elements are not really fitting together, this looks like a bunch of assets stitched together. Camera move of the single elements does not align, the sparks are still moving while the rest is already at rest.

Did you create all elements on your own or did you find these backgrounds and elements somewhere online and just threw them together? Cause I see more and more people do this…

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I like it

thanks for all