This is ready? What do you think?

Good day, I appreciate your time and help.
Do you think this template. Do you think it is ready to be approved in videohive?

How to improve it ?, Do you think needs improvement?

I appreciate your comments :slight_smile:


I can see you have a concept here, using this “fisheye distortion effect”, but I believe it is not ready and would probably get rejected. In the beginning you repeat too much the same effect and from 0:20 and on, the effect is too simple, needs more work.

Also the beginning is too abrupt! Left me with the feeling the animation started from the middle. You need to rethink the purpose of your animation, try to think what costumers would use it for.

In overall, it lacks dynamic. Try to make transitions more fluid, avoiding “dry cutts” (not sure if this is how to say in english).

It’s not bad, just too early, you need to develop it a bit more!

Hope it helps you. Good Luck

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The video look great. the pictures used are awesome. but the in the beginning the effect u used keeps repeating so may be u can add more effects to make this video even better. Good Luck.


hi! it’s too simple but i think i can help you a little bit =)
you are using lens effect so why you stopped on distortion? lens is more complicated. try to add chromatic abberations, depth of field (use dust to show it) etc.
try to play with parallax and make slides more different each other

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Hello friend MotionIdea.

With great appreciation i want to thank you, i accept your every advice, observations and analysis with respect to the template. Learn from you, and each of the people who took time to help me will improve not only this project but future projects.

It is true I have abused the use of lens distortion, without any variation, I agree that I lacked a better concept of the video.
I appreciate the advice of fluidity, it is something that has cost me a lot of work; I think I need to work harder to improve.

Thank you for your advice, I wish you the best in everything. God’s blessings.

Hello friends janxcode_team.

Thanks a lot this time, and the opportunity they give me their views and share me their knowledge. My desire is to improve why I asked for this help. I think the quality of each author of this community motivates me to continue on this path.

Are right about the beginning of the template looks too repetitive, follow your advice and will seek to add more effects to give more dynamic and variety to animations.

Thank you very much and God’s blessings.

Hello friend St_Denis

Valuable time you’ve taken you to share me your opinions and advice to improve this and future projects in videohive. Thank you because you offer me other concrete alternatives for improvement.
It is true that playing a little with the effect of distortion, and keeping it can achieve a more interesting atmosphere. I have not thought of using the effects that you have mentioned and I appreciate what you’ve done. I will follow your advice, and try to have variations in the different transitions.

Thank you and blessings of God.