Need help, feedback and critics!



Hi Envato People!

Please have a look on my first Videohive template that I am working on,

Would you please give me any directions, critics or tips how to make it better or just “rejection proof”.
I am not totally glad with all the text animations and it still needs some work, but mostly this was my goal:

I have the feeling I was too enthusiastic and pushed too much in 10 secs…

I dont know if the low quality videos applied in this preview could be the reason for rejection or just not being bought by the customers?
The other thing that the used animations are not shown in full length, all of them has its full playtime from start to end. Because of this: there are some animation parts that are not visible in the preview. Is that a problem?
for example here is the whole third scene (in the preview, with music, you can see maybe the second half of it):

Any suggessions or criticism are welcome.


Hi. I think transitions need more work and complexity and look a little outdated to me, same as text font. I wouldn´t use that disintegration effect on text you applied to “OUT” word. Try to look more of these projects on Videohive to see the difference, specially the most recent approved to see what´s trending.
Good Luck! :+1:


I meant some kind retro feeling, '90… MTV, something like that…
Ok, thank you!


In my opinion it doesn´t look like `90 or MTV style those years. If I want an item approved I would try to make it more like projects recently approved. Remember people most times look for what is trending, and “trending” means “recently approved by reviewers”.
I hope this helps


Ok I get it… :slight_smile: