Hard Rejected. Ideas to Improve

Hi everbody. I have a newborn HR project. I would like to ask your opinions about what s wrong with project and how can i improve it ? Any idea will be appreciated.

Assuming You were going for the parallax style. Looks ok, but not on the same level as other parallax type slideshows on the market. Looks a bit flat, too simple. Needs more detail and more elements as well as more depth/parallax.

Actually parallax wasn’t meant in here, flat and depth with upside down images were intended but do reviewers expect parallax depth in every project after that parallax explosion ?

There is beautiful flat examples and they sell good and i wish thousands of sales to author

Pay attention to the date of publication of this project. Today projects like this would not have been adopted

You think its a bad project ? Look at the sales instead of date.

That’s old sales. Yes this design is too old and not looks good and fresh. That’s not enough to be in fresh design trend

Its still there and i bet its still selling. And it was just an example of a flat work that can sale and approved. Have any advices for my project ?

Envato don’t delete old projects

Your project looks more better. I like it. Maybe try add 3D effect. I mean to separate letters from the background for the feeling of space. Orange fireflies are very active and distracting. Orange fireflies are very active and distracting. Some letters are cropped at the beginning of the animation. There is a big difference between the lengths of different scenes. Some scenes stand too long on the screen, while others are on the contrary (change each other too fast). At the same time in general, all the scenes are almost similar. Due to that fact that the video is very long (almost 2 minutes) at the end it becomes boring to watch it.
This is a good project. If you work a little more on it, I think it will be approved.
Good luck! :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Thank you for the advice i can try to add some 3d. Scene cuts related with music and it get fast in time i assume you did’nt listen the music :wink: There was also uncut version included so the customer cut it as he wishes. Thank you for advices anyway.