Hard reject of the template

I dont understand why my work is rejected , could somebody please help me ?

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Flying text looks very crappy.

Thanks for your response , I am really interested in, what in your opinion the text should look like ?
I have tried several styles , and nothing worked I am being rejected 3rd time with this template .

Should text animation look more complicated and not fly away from the view point ? am I right ?

Flying text out of screen is very simpe, also font should be another. Transition between photos is simple too. How it should look ? I dont know. It’s many technics. I wrote only what it looks too weak.

Thanks maxklesta !

Lines doesn’t look good

Don’t copy work of other authors and create something original…
btw, this kind of “parallax” effect was popular one and half year ago https://videohive.net/item/flying-cinematic-opener/12512984

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Thanks for your opinion eppton ! :blush:

Thanks for the suggestion , LLmotion, will try my best :smile:

LLmotion is right… There is hundredths of sideshows in this style. They sell pretty good. But its so much of them that when I see this white lines and duplicated masks in corners and flying “+” in parallax it makes me puke.

Try too understand that its very very hard to bring something new to the table in this style. And thats why your reviewer decidet to reject it. For one simple reason there is so many of them out there and they just look better.

But dont be sad, hard rejections happens from time to time. Focus more on something more unique.
In my personal opinion your animation is killed by

A) Washed out color correction.
B) Cheap letters Animate in from build in Adobe bridge text presets.
C) When your media placeholder is duplicated by masks in corners to create parallax you put a way too much of shadow.

Good luck

Thank you so much Hikari-Pictures !

Your suggestion is really well structured and easily understandable for such newbie as I am ,
I honestly find it really helpful .

Got the idea of the uniqueness , thanks everybody for the support , your opinion is really helpful and suggestions are on point !!!