Hard Rejected on this one... Why?

Hi guys,
I’ve created this template for some titles and I got it hard rejected, so I cannot even modify.


Would you think about it? It’s really awful? I’ve done it trying a comparison with the lastest template about Titles and Lower Third and I don’t think there is so much difference.

What you think about it?

Hey, I know the feeling when you compare to others and think that there is no difference.

So the things that are really different in first view:

  1. Bad color choosing. You need to look through color pallets and read some material about how to combine colors to give it nice looks. As example on 1:26 you can see that this is bad choice.

  2. Typographic - on some frames I barely can read the text, if you scale it to lower third size it will be unreadable. So it might be a good idea just briefly check good ways to combine text of different sizes and styles.

  3. Animation - it is rough. Most time it is to fast and not pleasant to eye. I can see you used something like “ease and wizz” script but in the end it made things a bit messy. Slow it down and work with graph editor to make it smooth. For example - did you ever seen how doors on Tesla X opens? They move so gorgeous you can watch it forever, you need to make the same for your animation even if there is second movement back and forth.

So the main reason this project was rejected is because it shows that is work of a beginner. Don’t let is discourage you. Fix this things and try again.

Also one of the free files of the month on videohive are lower thirds, check this to see how animation done there to get a reference. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply! I’ve done some mistakes in doing a hasty preview. Your suggestions and point of view are really appreciated! I’m gonna correct this template for sure! :wink:

Good luck, mate!