Hard rejected feedback


It’s been a while since I uploaded a new project.
I was hopeful but unfortunately my latest project has been rejected.
It looks like the standards have gone up over the years, but I don’t see this in most of the templates that are accepted.
Should I start a new project or is there still hope for my rejected template?

Any feedback is welcome.

Hi, I do like that slowly rotating movement at the very beginning and the parallax effect that the “landing branches” create. The color grading with the rainbow-like almost lens flare is a nice touch too - it all looks pretty stylistically cohesive.

BUT, your project lacks animation of any kind, then animation variety and design variety. It’s the same two designs and animations repeated multiple times. The landing branch could be animated with the leaves appearing and the text being animated somehow as well. There could be 20 different text designs with varying 10 different text animations as well that could be branched out from your “circles/particles” animation idea. Also, all the text needs to be animated along with the graphics appearing somehow. Straightforwardly speaking, while disregarding any use cases or creative endeavors, - the more animation the better (for videohive).

If you submitted my previously described collection as your project maybe it could get approved (if it was also somehow unique compared to similar competing projects), but this current project - no way.

Also look at what’s on the market currently, cause if you think this can get approved, you need to update your expectations and minimum thresholds for what complexity projects can even sell here today.

And lastly best of look! :smiley:

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Thanks for taking your time for this. I really appreciate it.
Indead the lack of animation can be an issue.
But there are recent templates with less animation and variety.
I think it’s kind of a gray area.

Does this project have potential or should i let it go?

Well there’s always all kinds of projects - some get very lucky even though they were on the line of adequate quality, and then others truly bring something else to the table and don’t even need that much animations etc.

But still ideally you don’t want to be barely threading on the line of approval, you want to become quite sure with “feeling” that what you’re creating logically has chances to really get approved :smiley: And if you want to improve your approval chances - animating things, adding variety and maintaining quality while bringing something new will only help.

Only you can decide this. Anything can have potential when executed well and with the right changes made to the project or the direction of the project. I don’t know how many similar style projects there are already on the market - that’s your job to figure it out and then to decide if your project brings something new and if you can make your project somehow better than the already approved similar projects. Or if it after all was not the best idea / style / direction whatever and you want to drop it cause you don’t feel like it will be anything new, or that in order to really execute this style you would need to spend x3 amount of work to be able to create competing project versus just maybe trying a less saturated category with a completely “new” idea that might require much less work. Or maybe you want to drop only few aspect of this project while incorporating some new things. There’s no short answer for this :smiley:

Overall the feeling for what to change and what to do will only come from hard experience of getting rejected, trying and seeing what works or doesn’t and from also analysing the market very well.

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