❌ HARD REJECT. Looking for feedback.

Hi, everyone! I got my third hard reject in a row. Any feedback I would appreciate.


Main reason is oversaturation, i.e. too many items just like that already on marketplace. Nothing really wrong with the execution. It just does not stand out enough in comparison with the works already available to be accepted.


There are many templates like this. Make some changes. You can add different color version to preview. :+1:

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Weak typography animations, I’d say.
Try to improve your text anim

Hello @DrMotion

I’m impressed by your portfolio about 1 month ago.
You have really good projects. and better sales amount just with 3 items.

As I feel, this black and white typography style is much saturated now.
There are lot of black and white typography templates now.

I also created 2 openers (not black & white) but they both are rejected. So I stopped creating openers anymore.

Anyway, if you continuously check the new items adding on videohive, You will realize there are projects approving which has lower quality than your’s.
I think sometimes an item is getting approved is very random…!!
Because one reviewer can reject your item. But if that same item reviewed by a different reviewer may approve it.

And, I really think we need proper feedback reasons for rejections.
Its always only “This item does not meet quality standards…” for all hard rejections.
It is better if reviewers can explain which part does not meet quality standards. Colors? animations? composition? etc.
Then we know what to improve.

Is it possible to re-submit hard rejected template with adding some changes to it?

Thank you very much :pray:

Yes, I agree. Right now there is two standard reply for hard rejections I think. But of course it would be great if feedbacks for hard rejections would be more than two.

The changes have to be significant enough to grant a quality jump. You should not reupload a hard rejected item with just a quick color change or something along those lines.

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Thank you sir.