4 Hard reject !

Hello !

I’m little worried about the new system, i got 4 hard reject recently, with only one explanation so far, the others are all copy past.
can anyone give some feedback please

recent rejected item
sliced postcard

Arabic Lyrics

Thanks !

I guess these are at least some of the rejection reasons:

First one is too repetitive and a bit too simple.

Second one simply doesn’t look good from the visual design, sorry.

Thank you for your feedback.
yes the first one has a repetitive pace but no scene is similar to the other. in fact you can find a lot of templates with exact scenes repeatedly over and over.

the second one has an Oriental vintage look. it may not be visually appealing depending on one couture perspective. but I would agree that it can be further developped.


I don’t think that these were approved lately, or if they were, that the repeated compositions were equally simple. Try to work on more variations and you may get this one approved, but keep in mind that there are a lot of slideshow projects on the market and therefor the quality standards are very high.

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I guess i need to spice things a little ! i just got one of my templates approved !
thank you for your follow up !

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