Hard rejected . Do not understand why.

I think it’s too repetitive. And also the way the new scenes slide in, with that whole “frame” just covering up the stuff beneath like that… Not a fan of that at all :smiley: Besides that I guess with Photo Slideshows it’s always a hit or miss, cause of the insane competition and perhaps those things which I mentioned above were just enough to sway your project to be rejected.

Thank you! Yes, I already realized that video hive is a bit of a lottery)And if I fix the indicated errors and send this project back to the video hive, is there a chance that it will be accepted?

Most likely no, unless the project ends up quite different from what it looks right now. I think also your project is a bit too simple, as there’s no parallax/particles or other effects/creative ideas/approaches/design inovations to make the project a bit more tastefully complex, and interesting. Now if you just add parallax and particles it will end up looking like most of the photo slideshows, soo then it will be rejected too. That’s why I bring up the need to make up for this with other ideas/effects.

And cause it’s so frustrating to successfully submit projects to that category, I just wouldn’t personally bother with it at all, unless you truly can bring something new + can have the nearly perfect, high quality execution of it :smiley: But for you, if you still wish to push this project to that category, I wish the best of luck.

Okay, thanks for your honest answer! Everything turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought)