can you please help, Hard Rejected

Hi Guys,can you please tell me why this one got rejected

I have no clue why it was rejected.

For me it looks really good. There’s a lot of really bad projects being accepted each day so I really believe that Reviewers should follow a guideline and not just decide on their own.

This is, for me a good project. Go figure with Envato Reviewers that are getting worse as the time goes on. You start to see really great projects from new authors being rejected and shitty projects from best sellers being accepted just because.

My opinion is that it’s not at all a case of talent and good taste anymore but a matter of who makes more money sadly.

For me, I think you need to make a difference between one to another animation. The translation looks repeated that’s I think one of the issues. One more thing the camera as well get the same animation like only zoom in and zoom out I think you need to fix this problem. Best luck man.

Thanks buddy .yes i think i need to ask Envato Reviewers why they rejected this

Thanks for Replying, you mean to say that i need to work on the transitions part and the camera movement.
One more thing which i want to know ,Can i resubmit the project after fixing these things?


Congratulations for really good composition. Generally it is pleasing to eye and catchy I think.

There are few things that I noticed you can improve.

  1. Text animation you used, you should give more time to user to read it. And you may concider changing the animation.

  2. The parralax effect should include particles. When camera is wiggleing, particles are moving with it. If you can make your camera moving throught particles it will be more believeble. This one will make a big difference I think.

  3. Your composition starts and continues in same way. After few photos viewer knows the text will appear in middle with same animation, so loses interest. You can put text in different places on screen with balance with each photograph. And use some camera jumpings with bokeh zoom in and out. Change the rythm and keep the mystery. Keep your composition interesting from start to end. There always should be a story.

Good Luck.