Hard rejected_Why !!_ Please Need Comment of My VIDEO Rejected .


Please Need Comment of My VIDEO Rejected .
Link : https://vimeo.com/143141863


The continual zoom gets a bit repetitive. Would add a bit more interest if there’s some in, out, shake it all about. It says parallax, but I’m not seeing any parallax… unless you mean the particles on top? Apart from those, it does seem a bit flat. Most of the transitions are very geometric, which I think is good, but the first and the last transitions are quite organic, with the wavy edges… so those maybe look a bit out of place.

Not quite video related… but would be nice if the transitions matched the music. I know that has nothing to do with your video, but it will make the item more appealing when people are watching the preview video.

There’s a lot of these about already as well, so as time goes on, similar projects are more and more unlikley to get approved. Unless they’re mind blowing.


You’re right Thank you for your analysis .