Hard rejected (Help)

Hard rejected.that is not so, tell me

This bug (don’t know how it will be in English) looks really unnatural. So maybe try to remove it, add some motion to grass and check project structure and how easy for someone to adapt it for his needs.

But anyway, good work, I like it! Hope someone will help with more feedback since it is really good looking project.

@AlexG1985 I also think it’s great work but maybe really it’s better without this bug at all :slight_smile:

Actually the concept is not bad at all, but the bug is not for that project. Also this blue environment is a little bit too saturated. I think you can work more and with the lens flares and whi not adding more DOF in the closer scenes. I really like the end. Actually if I ware you will extend a liitle bitonly the end scene and will remove the first scenes - a nice short natural logo.

yes the bug is really unnatural and maybe the grass is too “static” and irrealistic. if you can move it like it would happen with a small breeze it will be much better.
and also the overall colors seems very “bright” to me

are you being serious??
There are recently accepted projects that look like complete crap to this one, but since that depends on the mood of the person who makes such decision, thus yours was not accepted, other crappy ones were.

sorry, just my opinion! i’m not so used to these kind of template, being a musician. I just had a look at that with curious eyes and reported what were my impressions.