Hard rejected feedback

Well I had it. All around the forums there is talk about being creative and not doing the same copycat projects. I put my time in this, and make it unique, and it’s rejected. I will start making corporate crap that has sales, and trandy things.

Please let me know if it’s a fair reject. I appreciate your point of view.

Just a subjective opinion about what I would do. First 20 sec with same image are too long. The whole project has an alternative look that I really like, but is difficult that everybody likes it. I would remove those picture in picture frames, and maybe use more the split screen transitions like the one at 34sec. You could accentuate more the images-music synchronization. And maybe make more dynamic text animation, looks nice, but maybe a bit more dynamic could be better.
Good luck! :+1:

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I appreciate your comments, but I don’t agree with them. And that’s the main problem. I asked some friends of mine, one of them a elite author here on envato and they said it’s good. I think it’s good, the timing, the sound synchronisation as you said I think it’s on point. And you are totally right, it’s subjective. And this subjective review method is killing the creativity around here. That’s why there are those trends, and corporate slideshows that look identical. Because nobody is encouraged to be creative and everybody tries to please the reviewers.

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I’m sorry but it’s just not aesthetic. Squiggly jittery lines on top of a plain colored background, with bright bold text with animation that seems to be out of a cheap powerpoint presention. It’s all just an inchoerent mess.

You can be creative, but the creativeness still needs to go through a lens (or filter) of “conventional rules” of art. In your case you need more consistency between the elements that compose the video.


Everything is art and nobody can say what is right or wrong, no matter if you are elite author or not. But here in a marketplace there are reviewers you depend on to get your items approved. I already said that I like the alternative look of your project and i suggested changes to go on reviewers direction but not changing that look of your project. Didn´t say it has no synchro with music, just accentuate it more. Anyway you agree with me…is all subjective, what can I say?

Okay, you have a hard opinion. You don’t like it. But let’s put this in perspective, to have something to compere it with.
Here: https://videohive.net/item/fight-trailer/22424698
Do you think it deserves to be on the market more than my item? I have no nothing against the author or the piece. I’m just asking, do you consider my item inferior to this one? This is just for me to understand how bad do you think my project is.

Yes, I agree, it’s subjective, and we are all on the same page.
It’s harsh to hear that your piece isn’t good enough, when you are sure it’s otherwise. And maybe yes, you are saying it’s not good enough, and that’s fine with me. And somebody is saying that its good enough. Why one world should be put over the other. I was under the impression that this market will save me from the crazy freelance clients. But now I realize that I trade all my crazy clients, for one big and stubborn client.
But it’s helpful to hear the perspective of people that went through similar experiences on this market. I think all authors adapt, and change their work approach to fit this market. It’s still sad that this is the way this market works, but money is money and client is always right.

Thank you, and sorry if i came off as rude.

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You are more than capable of creating high quality items judging from your portfolio. I would wager that this is one of the first times you’ve attempted this sort of project (the one rejected). It’s not really an easy type of project to tackle, and it will require a lot of trial and error before you get something that’s at the same time unique, and market friendly.

I had a few hard rejects in 2011, and about 4-5 now, this year. So I know it is a thing. I’m still trying to find my place around here. I tried commercial/something that I like doing/something that I think will sell. This was the last try to create something that I like, as an experiment. And these are the results.

But I don’t get the discrepancy. Let’s say it’s not polished, plain, and not interesting. Why this is better and accepted on the marketplace: https://videohive.net/item/fight-trailer/22424698 ?

Everyone knows that the review process is not fair, nobody does anything about it.

It´s ok. I know is frustrating to get your item rejected when you spend a lot of time working on it.
But don´t give up. Keep working :+1::wink:

It´s hard but those are the rules of this market, I had rejections too, even when experienced authors with a lot of years and huge sales here, like Creattive, said that two of my works look approved to him for example. You need to go through the reviewers filter to get your item published, hard but real. Sometimes criteria to approve or reject an item doesn´t look the same for all, and that´s because there are several reviewers and not only one.
Anyway, keep working :+1:

I will, I will make comercial crap that sales. But it’s not fair. Not only for me, but for all authors.

In your case I think the reason for the rejection was the missing complexity and the fact that there are already too many similar items available, not really the visual look. I think it was an Element 3D template and it is very easy to achieve a nice 3D look with it, hence the reviewers criteria is harder there.
So I said it looks good to me, but the problem wasn’t really the pure look, I think a reviewer joined the discussion and explained that.

However, I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable being named as an example why reviewers decisions maybe should not be trusted, as I do agree with many of their rejections shown here, and I can also understand the reasons for your rejections in the end. I am flattered for the nice words, though.

As for this work shown here, I like the creativity, but it lacks in the execution. I think the rejection is justified.

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Sorry for using your reply at that moment as an example, but I thought it could be a good illustrative case about different criteria that we can all have, and I think it´s good that we all have different criteria about design and art, this is what makes the “whole thing” here great. Anyway, rejected items are hard to accept, for every author, like in this topic for example, when you know you did your best but get rejected item. Sorry again for naming you, it was with a good intention and respect :+1:

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Thank you for your comment. Your point is very clear. But again, can’t agree.
First of all, too many similar. Show me something similar to this. I’ve seen only a few projects that can be compared with mine.
Then the Element 3D argument. It wasn’t. A layer with animation, duplicated, offset, wiggle expression controls, and camera animation. Native AE 100% no plugin used.
And the complexity thing. Does it matter? I think there is no need to make over the top animation, and to add light leaks and dust to every project. It’s not about how much elements you see on the screen. The style I was looking for: brutal, minimal, unpolished. And it looks great, I will stand by that. And I really think there is a buyer for this.

Yes, maybe it’s not the best, maybe I could have made it better. And when you say that you trust the reviewers and the rejection is justified, I don’t feel the same way. I made earlier a example, I tried to make a point, @Voxyde didn’t respond to it.
So again, do you think this item deserves to be on the market more than mine? https://videohive.net/item/fight-trailer/22424698
That’s the thing. I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m trying to understand how it works. Now, from my perspective it’s like a lottery. If you get the good reviewers or not. And I’ve read this on the forums too. It’s subjective. And that is a problem.

I’m not bitter about it. It’s frustrating, yes. And I’m a bit angry. And not anymore about my item (already uploaded it to another marketplace), it’s more about the review process.

What do you mean? The fact that everyone has different taste and everything is subjective it’s a great thing on this market? I’m trying to make a point that it’s not. It’s otherwise. It’s the core of why the review process is not fair. It’s like if a court had only one jury that makes the final call.

Hi, there is a misunderstanding, my post was a reply to GoForMotion, he had rejections using E3D etc.

Only the last line was directed at your work. As I said, I like the creativity but the execution was not good enough in my eyes.

The comparison to the other item doesn’t really fit, as it is a totally different item than yours. It is a bit static in my opinion, but it has more detail and overall feels better executed than your work, hence it being approved.

Calling out other people’s items is not allowed by the Community Guidelines so I’d suggest you to stay away from that, before a moderator is giving you a warning. I know you have no disrespect against the author, it still is a bad experience if one’s item is used as a “bad example” and we try to stay away from that.

There is not much more people can tell you here I’m afraid. Your item is missing flow and does not give me the feeling of being well timed and also does not look thought through completely in many places. It does remind me more of random animation created by a computer than a piece crafted by an animator that has a real plan.

Just take the beginning, the focus is totally random, what line shall be in focus, I don’t know, half of the time the focus point is in between two lines, then it travels to the front, then to the back.

In my eyes you are still lacking experience in creating these abstract art pieces so the only tip I can give you is study similar works and understand how they are better executed than yours, and develop a feeling of what looks like deliberate animation and what looks like an accident.

You are free to not agree with reviewers decision, but in the end you have to accept it.
You are also free to not agree with the opinion of authors criticizing your work here, but although I understand the frustration that comes with a hard rejection (I had them as well!), this makes it hard for me to really want to post in your thread because if you only want to discuss with us about how your work is good enough in your eyes, there is no sense in giving you honest feedback.

You asked for our opinion, you got it. I’m sorry that it is a rather negative one. Take a step back from this project for a month, do something different and come back to it with fresh eyes and I’m sure one day you will agree that this is not a well executed piece of animation.

So basically you want me to shut up, and go try something else.

It’s the last time I mention another work, for reference, I promise. You are saying that a splatter, with some red lines, and a freeze frame is better executed than these carefully adjusted to the music cuts. I just can’t see it.

I’m sure even after 5 years I will still think its fine.

Thank you for your time. This still was like one of those corporate emails you get when your item is rejected. You don’t want to change your mind, I don’t want my mind changed. It’s a questions whether to conform or seek a change. The reviewers have the power, and I will try to please them.

I’m sorry if I’m stubborn, but this does not sit right with me.

Thank you all, for caring a bit.

If you don’t want your mind changed then don’t ask for critique. You make it impossible to give you feedback so I will refrain from doing so in the future.

Nevertheless, I wish you success with your next projects. Even if that sounds like corporate speech to you :wink:

I know is frustrating getting items rejected, but I still think that different taste and critera is what makes this market great about diversity of items (even when some items look very much the same). If there wasn´t that diversity it woud be so boring to be part of this market/community of authors, because that diversity apply also to customers with different taste that buy your products. But when you talk about reviewers criteria is not what i´m talking when i say “diversity”.