Critics need it on AE Template Project

Hello. Got rejectet on this one. I am fairly new to AE templates, but I have done a lot of stock footages and stock photos. This is the 3rd item that got rejected, and while the first 2 ware not that good, I really spend a lot of time on this one. This was not a hard rejection, just a rejection becouse there are too many similar slideshows. Any critics on how I could improve my slideshows and whats wrong with this one are highly apreciated. Thank you

Hi there. Sorry to say, but you will need a lot more learning to do. If this is what you want to do in life, invest some time into learning animation, specifically camera movements, as right now, there are not good at all.

Hi @DC_Studio
I like the idea! Could be useful for buyers. I think some sound effects or music could present this project much better. Keep it up!

Nice project! I like it! Good job @NisusPrideMusic

Yeah, the camera moves ruin it. They’re too slow and far too clunky. You need a lot more ease in and out as well, the movements are far too abrupt, starting and stopping unnaturally. I think the text reveals are a bit slow as simple as well, and there’s not much going on in the parts between transitions.

It’s a start, but it needs considerable work before it would be ready for the marketplace. I’ve seen many slides how videos that are considerably better than yours but are still getting rejected because there are just so many similar sideshows these days. Take a look at some of the recent top sellers to get an idea of the standards.

I’d consider working on a different project, and spend some time working on your camera moves and animation. Good luck!

Thank you.