AE template rejected

Hello all,

I have got rejection for this template
Any suggesion? or feedbacks? The project is full HD. Texts and videos can be replaced and reanimated very easily.



No suggestion? is it good? bad? excellent or awful?

When you try to create an after effects template (or any item in marketplace) think the buyer.
Now, if you watch your template and you are a buyer where you can use it?

About this project, there are typography problems, text need more work, background and shape you use is not good. I don’t recommend you to work more on this project. Start a new, but first take a look what templates envato accept.

You no need to hurry to upload a project. There are too many tutorials out there, learn a lot.
So, do whatever you want, my opinion.

Good luck! : -)

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  1. Overall it just feels outdated and static.
  2. The fonts you’ve chosen are pretty standard and don’t add any value to the template.
  3. Animation is too linear and doesn’t fit the theme you’ve went for.
  4. The logo placeholder in the end might be hard to read.

Thank you all…

I will start a new one. Actually, I spent time to have a flickr free refraction render and put everything layer by layer to composite the render buffers and I used standart fonts to be sure everyone has them. So, it was not a quick project. However, it doesn’t meet the envato’s standards.

Buyers don’t care about all that stuff. You should think like a buyer, not a vfx man

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