Wilcity Theme Abandoned for Months Envato and Devs Do Not Respond

This theme appears to be abandoned. We are customers for 3 years and pay support. The Wilcity Service plugins are gone on the backend of the theme. We reported to Envato with no response. Since May 2023 customers are complaining in comments section. They do not answer support tickets. We should be informed if this theme is abandoned and people should not purchase this theme if it is abandoned.

Probably yes, the author has uploaded a new item in September.

It is now 18 days and when we contacted Envato to inform them the theme looks abandoned they only said to contact the developers. It is a run around. Why is this theme still being sold and why did the developers not inform everyone the theme is unsupported. We paid for premium support. What do you do to get a definitive answer? Shouldn’t Envato at least look into it?

If the item is supported or not, you’re actually paying the same amount of the money, it’s more like for “selling strategy”.

In addition, if the item has been marked for a specific version of WordPress ( e.g for 6.1 ) and you’re trying to use it on a newer version, the author could claim it’s not supported that version which probably the problem you’re having is caused by.

You have few options here as first, you can delete the item and find something similar or find a freelancer to get the item fixed/updated.

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My customer uses the theme, too and is still paying support. But you cant reach those guys, their website gets also blocked by Malwarebytes. Why doesnt Envato do anything about it? The item is on sale now, I cant believe it. Many more will buy this item and will find a black hole after installing that thing.

Wilcity - Directory Listing WordPress Theme is not supported by the author currently.

Good theme. I took from envatoelements this but apps are broken :smiley:

If anyone know solution for clicking review after show blank page

and not able to login into app with wordpress credentials then let me know

also if go inside app reviews its turn into 234 text

can someone take this project over?

If you’re looking for paid support, I’m available. You can contact me this form to discuss the details

I am facing the issue, they

Seems the theme has been removed …