Is there still support for 'Vinero - Very Clean and Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme | Portfolio'?

We’ve purchased the following theme:

But the page now says ‘This item is no longer available’.

On the download page it says ‘This item has been temporarily removed from Envato Market’

Can anybody shed some light? Is there an updated theme that has replaced it now?


The item has been removed by the author or Envato and no longer exists anymore ( neither the support )

Anyone know the best way to get in touch with Envato support? We only bought the theme 2 years ago and finally getting around to launching, but now that the theme has been removed it’s a bit of a concern!!!

Hi @vince_magno,

Envato support can’t do much on it because already 2 years has gone. This is the Envato Customer support Help ticket link.


And now some 2 years later you think it is a concern? Sorry but there is no way that Envato or any other business would ever entertain helping you at this stage. That’s a bit like saying I bought a TV 2 years ago, and expecting the warranty to still be in place :slight_smile:

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What? So you think it’s OK to buy a theme and then two years later have to ditch it because the plugin dependencies are asking for money, there is no support and have no way of knowing if at some point it’s going to break? Yikes. If there’s no support then may as well go for a free theme.

@vince_magno - No I don’t think its ok but I merely pointed out you purchased a theme 2 years ago, and you have just got around to launching it now.

The plugins are nothing to do with the theme - and that would be the same of any theme, free or not.

Well I go back to my TV comment - nothing is for life.

You should be able to still contact the author since their HTML theme is still online at $11

Unfortunately envato not being able to guarantee the lifespan or availability of an item, and the duration of the free support is in the T&Cs we all agree to when buying an item.

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Thank you @charlie4282

We’re trying to contact author but no one is getting back to us.

The author also has the following WP theme available (look for vinero-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/19322215 - the forum won’t let me post this URL, thinks it’s spam)

… connecting with author or someone that can help is a nightmare.