Why wont envato respond to my refund dispute?

I purchased an item and discovered that it was faulty, the author keeps telling me to contact support via skype, I don’t use skype. I have ask for a refund and they declined it, I have raised a dispute and also wrote them via their email, asking them to run the script remotely(using Any Desk or similar) if they claim everything works fine. It has been almost more than 48hrs. I have not heard anything from codecanyon dispute team or the author. How can you allow this cheap careless scam? I thought this was a reliable market place.

You would never contact envato by Skype

All refund requests need to go via Sign In | Envato Account or else the link at the bottom of this page https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

In 48 hours you already raised a dispute and also in these 48 hours you were waiting for someone to help you with it?

Somehow the script should work, because it works on the demo and I’m pretty sure they didn’t broke it in the archive on Codecanyon.

At least 5 out of 10 customers do not read the requirements list, documentation or even a “read me” file.

Almost all authors on codecanyon have a full time job, because most of them do not even earn $300-$500/month.

Be more patint, or be aware of everything that comes with a purchase on Codecanyon.

I know that you are a buyer and you don’t care about any of these because you paid for it, but still …

I purchased this script and has battled with it for weeks before asking for a refund. The author rejected the request, I wrote them again, and they did not respond, after 24hrs, I raised a dispute, now it has been more than 48hrs since the dispute was raised before I raised this issue.

The script in question did not come with any documentation. And when I raised this issue in the comment section, the author apologized for that and told me to contact them via skype. Since I am well experienced in android and app reskinning, I didn’t bother myself much.

After importing this script to android studio, it cant build into an apk. Without any modifications. without modifying anything, one error or another.

Well in all, I believe this summarizes the whole envato, codecanyon and community stuff. Why would it be okay for an author to ask me to come to skype? why couldn’t he fix the error publicly?

Your response was totally pointless and very annoying. FYI you where not helpful at all. You just wasted your time typing this response. Did you think my first action was to come here and start raising false alarms? I had told the client that this project is going to take longer than planned, where do you want me to get money to purchase another script from? I see you are a lazy author like the one I am dealing with now. I won’t blame any of you. I blame myself for patronizing lazy people like you. You think money falls like dew.

I requested a refund on a theme I purchased. No response from the author so I raised a dispute. Now no response from Envato. We are 14 days from the date of my initial refund request to the author. I can relate to your situation.

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