Why were my Resume designs rejected?


I’ve tried 3 times now to get different resume designs approved and all 3 were rejected. Can anybody offer advice as to why I am not getting approved?


And despite a reviewer telling me to upload my work to the forums for feedback… apparently you cant upload attachments if you’re a new user. Any ideas guys?

You can. Just attach it here

Hmm, I haven’t seen anyone have trouble uploading images before. You sure you can’t upload an image of your resume template? If not, try uploading to a different site and then linking the image back here.


hi i guess u are misleadingly … just upload in imgur for instance and give us the link here …

Still won’t let me attach anything directly so I have added imgr links.

With respect all the designs feel a bit out dated

The other main challenge is the volume of content you are trying to squash into a relatively small space.

This makes things look cramped, doesn’t do the typography any favours, dilutes and hierarchy, and ends up with a vast % of the page just being copy/paste generic copy (esp. the second one).

There’s Little things too such as:

First one: contact info tip right doesn’t align to the rest of the page, and the sidebar content is so busy it’s hard to distinguish different parts.

Second one: way too text heavy and not sure aligning the titles to the right to the very top left corner of the pink bar works

Third one: is hard to see but again looks like there is a LOT going on and being shovelled into a small space

This is a very crowded category that now requires any new items to either bring something (practically) fresh, or at least nail design basics to a flawless level.


Upon my first effort (not one of the designs above) I was told by a reviewer it was too simple and buyer wanted more bang for their buck, hence the ‘cramming’ more in.

I’ve been a successful Graphic Designer for 15 years now so I’m confident i’ve nailed the design basics. Is it simply the case that the Graphic River Marketplace is just too busy and reviewers are accepting very little submissions from new users? I say this because if you look at some of the recently added resume templates they aren’t of a great standard in terms of design. Certainly not better than any of the 3 I have showcased here.

Is there a category I can aim for that is not overcrowded? Maybe I would have more luck?

I’m not a designer so not really technically versed enough to judge but the first item that came up when I searched for “resume” was this https://graphicriver.net/item/resume/25429979

It’s really similar to your first one but it also shows the difference of using “less is more” and spacing things out.

I definitely agree that things are becoming more competitive esp for resumes, business cards, logos etc. Again I am not hugely familiar with the design marketplaces but there are others here who should be able to advise on that

Thanks Charlie

This industry in general is extremely competitive, but even more so on the Marketplaces. Envato Marketplace has been around for a long time, and there are likely hundreds of submissions every day, with some of the most popular categories being flyers, business cards, logos, and resumes, all of which have a surplus of simplistic and standard designs, and it’s even possible to find good quality standard designs completely for free. Because of this Envato looks for items that stand out, which means you can’t just design something that meets the standards, you have to try and set new ones. With that being said, there are still basic and standard items that get accepted due to their originality/quality. I don’t think it has to do with whether you’re a new author or not, but naturally an established author is trusted to deliver high quality items compared to a new one.

I would recommend looking some more niche categories, and try making items that you don’t really see too much of, or at all. Get creative with it and see if you can make up a type of item that would be useful to someone. Take a look at Orange_Box for example, they created a 3D map generator for Photoshop, but there’s no “Map Generator” category. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but if you manage to come up with something outstanding and original, you’ll be ahead in the industry.

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hi , i understand how u are feeling as i am a designer in a small design agency for more than 16 years now … however , there are some things that u may have to adapt to as regard to marketplace … i know what i am talking about as marketplace and freelance or agency productions are not the same for a whole lot of reasons and sometimes they imply a bit of a difference in your creative process indeed

what u mentioned about the saturation is true … though this cannot explain everything as , let’s face it , as in any system there are some flaws, especially as what we are doing is having this little artistic part that basically vehiculates feelings more than any technique things and all the people judging items may have different experience, tastes , idea of what the market is expecting and a different approach of what is original and or functional or not … (and to answer your last question, well , no … there aren’t any … i guess that the best category for someone is the one that they feel the most comfortable with and the one where they feel like they are going to be more likely to bring something new to the table indeed)

i know that possible incoherences that may result from the system are very frustrating but the best thing that i may advice u in my view is just to try to move on and do even better until no body can possibly feel that this is acceptable rejecting what u are submitting … here complaining or whatever has no positive echo at all! the only thing that u may get is to get in the eye of the hurricane, period … so that u ultimately have more trouble again …

now once all said, let’s get to the concerned items that u have posted , i will tell u how i feel about them, this is just my opinion considering my long experience as well , u are free not to agree, free not to do anything out of it , it all depends on u , i just try to help , providing u with a different point of view, only …

“modern marketing resume”
for me the major problem is that this is lacking breathing, i would not say that this is “crammed” but actually a little bit too compact if u as me … otherwise, i personally tend to believe that if the whole thing is clean, u are all the same offering something that is a little bit too flat visually speaking and that for u to push the envelope graphic design wise would help to take your item to the next level. Otherwise , i have a small issue with the header since piling personal information in the right side like this basically made u end up with having a spacing error as regard to the space that u left over and under the blue stripe … which is breaking somehow the harmony that u have managed install elsewhere. Finally the i think that u have a real issues when it come to the way date are introduced in the big blue bullets, not only are the texts so so very readable but in addition this is not super aesthetic as well

“professional female resume”
i like this one less than the other one, for me globally the style is bit more “retro” so to speak because of some choices that u have made. Colors are rather dull , not necessarily underlining anything too much and maybe are not the best possible combinations. Thinking of shades and complementary colors could be a good idea. i can identify that u have done this for originality purposes as well but the fact of the matter is that , for me, placing titles like this in the bullets are not making the thing look as clean, do not make then as readable and do not really turn out to be aesthetic, so i am not sure that this is worth the drive, just to have a little bit more originality only. For me with what u have here , there are some things to improve in terms of typo, there is a lack of variations and there s too much italic , which makes absolutely everything looks older … Though maybe this would be ok somehow if the thing was supposed to be meant for writers or journalists as their would be a coherence but for the general body of the people , i do not think that this is the best choice … finally the big red circle on top , even if this maybe meant as a preview and supposed to b replaced by a picture of someone i think that this is not looking good at all and that showing the preview with this is ruining your work and preview

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