I am a new designer. I am submitted his resume on graphicriver and rejected it a second time

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hi I am sorry in advance to tell u all that I am going to say. Pls do not take these things personally, ok? But honestly I am wandering who would buy such an item, to tell u how I feel … this seems not superfluous to me as regard to what u have here that this is a graphic design marketplace here and that u have close to none and this is still an understatement indeed. Look, if u are a buyer u look for two main things. The first one is to save some time out of buying rather than doing on your own. The second one is getting some graphic design that goes beyond your personal skills. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing like this here. So why accepting a file that is seen as having no commercial potential in the fist place? Besides, to another extent, consider this. What do u have in the main .zip file in the end? lines, texts and small and generic icons as for I can see (they are hard to see indeed as very small by the way). The placeholder (image) not being here since this cannot be included, u basically have no graphic design at all left … in addition, u have no real color combination this looks dull or monotone, I do not know which word fits best to the situation. There are some major issues as well. There are big time issues with the spacing, especially in between main categories on the right hand side. There is a lack gradation in the hierarchy of information globally and to tell u how I feel dates are really not being valued at all. “Interested” does not make sense ifu ask me, this would be better as “hobbies” or “interests” I assume that referring tp people who sell well in this category would also help u to avoid some mistakes. My conclusion overall , is that u cannot expect to offer a resume that is far away from being as good as a good deal of free things that u can download in the internet and look forward o selling it in what is the main and the best online marketplace , or even have it such an item accepted here indeed. Once again, pls remember nothing personal, my role in order ro try to help u is to tell u the "ugly truth " so that u cana analyze not only what u have to change , improve and so on but also for u to realize how much more effort that u have to put into your work so that u ca ultimately make it here … I hope this Ould be useful for u in any case



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u are welcome, if u have enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box, good work and good luck for your future submissions

Your design looks very basic nothing different if I were a buyer I will not spend money on this as I can search for free templates and can find better designs than this consider redesigning it and make it like it’s not available anywhere else or you’re providing something that others not.

If I were a customer, I would not spend money on this since I can get better designs for free on the internet. Consider revamping it and making it appear like it’s not accessible anywhere else or that you’re giving something that others aren’t.