Resume feedback needed!!

hello there!

can you give me some feedback to upload this resume!

hi indeed the problem is, no offense, ok?! that what u have right now is a basic word file … if u expect people to not only approve it, but also to buy it once done, you have to introduce some real graphic design, u need to make extra effort about typo, about originality and combination in particular. You need to use more elaborated icons, to make sure that important information are popping out more. At the moment there is almost no hierarchy of information at all … There is no color, no partition, nothing but rather flat texts , sadly enough

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I will update it soon

no buddy sorry to tell u just this, u do not need to “update” but kind of redo from scratch as regard to the great work ahead that u turn out to have … take a look at what there is in the market right now, it will inspire u in terms of style and do something in your own style after analyzing what u have seen from others …

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okay Thank you will fix them all and redesign that will upload for feedback!

Here is redesign for that resume… What you think !!! how can I make this more better ?

I think I need to research more to design a resume that people will buy .


pls check the other thread i answered to u

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okay mate!! i will redo everything !

Hey! Your Resume is good.
But i dont think you would need reference in a resume

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Is that ready to upload without reference?

LOL hey providing him with lies will not help him to take his game to the next level … this may be cool right now but on the longer run it will harm him more than any other thing … let’s face it , at this stage he has to take his game several steps forward …

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Thanks mate :smiley:

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