My resume design hard rejected, why?

To all my friends here who have had a lot of experience, comment on my design, why is it rejected?

looks very similar and easy to find in free stores don’t get me wrong
first of all

  1. I think it’s not allowed to add email like
  2. Try using phone numbers like +1 123 456 789
  3. Try to use more modern fonts
  4. you need to work more to make icons look more modern and to be attractive.
  5. be sure always that you have well-organized layers for customers letting the design easy always to use.

Wow, that’s really great advice.

Thank you…

You are welcome and welcome to Envato community.

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hi indeed, there are a lot of things to say as regard to what u have here as u have to change , improve and so on a lot of things at this stage. Let’s get started for the complete review

1- global style
sorry to say just this, but, at the moment, what u have looks rather retro and outdated , and the good embodiment of this is as regard to the kind of decoration that u have added around the person’s photo indeed. Otherwise, still about the same subject, indeed, when it comes to considering what’s left in the main zip file when u have taken out the picture, the bottom line is that this is rather light as far as graphic design goes. U will have bullets, texts, lines and a few icons and if u ask me this is not enough for u to have extra value, of course but also to meet the minimum requirement for people to be interested in buying your item, pls see next point
2- low commercial potential
there is a bit of what I have just mentioned to explain this low commercial, of course but not only. The fact of the matter is that for the buyer to feel like buying u have to offer something that makes them believe that they can either save some time out of buying or to be able to get a product that goes way beyond their personal skills and at this stage u do not meet these standards indeed. So why accepting the file ? part of the problem that I identify is a regard to who u are addressing with this item , pls see next point
3- target
hard to get to understand who u are addressing with this item. The marketplace has changed dramatically and nowadays instead of bringing something to the table supposedly addressing everyone that gets drowned in such a saturated market , this is better to hit a niche by surgically targeting the potential purchasing base. for this they have to identify that u address to them. Here I do not really see any clue as far as activity goes and besides , to a larger extent, as I could read that this is meant for graphic designers or web designers , I truly believe that “this is another nail in the coffin” considering the commercial potential , people’s interest and the targeting. I tend to believe that anyone searching a cv in a creative field like this would not select a very corporatist style like this, at least , I assume so, I would not for instance …
4- contrast
this is a basic design principle and thus something not to take lightly , to say the least. Especially this one I might add as regard to the fact that this basic design principle is particularly trouble making, as leading to be confronted with other additional problems in a snowball effect. Anyway , to strictly stick to this point , I guess u an identify that black color text on orange red bullet means trouble as far as visibility, readability, impact and exposure go, not to mention hierarchy, too
5- readability
pls pay attention about contrast and color choices , the text and the background underneath must really contrast
6- hierarchy
u have a variety of rather not super coherent things out there … the function and only link with the activity being quite small and really popping out at all. The positioning and decoration of work place and date being diverging as far as hierarchy goes and other such things
7- color choices
this was partly evoked beforehand , no need to repeat , but there is something to highlight all the same. It’s quite hard to understand why u suddenly end up with a orange color that seems coming out of the blue out of not looking the same from one environment to the other
8- typo
last but not least, the typo is not solid enough if u ask me … between strange font combinations, surprising choices for used fonts and so on , the bottom line is that, right now , u are not reaching GR’s very high standards in terms of typo


Hi, thank you very much for leaving such a long review. I read and absorbed every point carefully. I realized that what I had been working on was far from marketable.

The advice you have given me, it shows your quality. Thank you again.


there is a old saying mentioning that Rome City was not built within a day, this basically means that we all learn everyday in this case there is also need to adjust to marketplace purposes

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if you don’t mind, can you explain how to understand the purpose of this market?

hi this is a very difficult question … normally the goal is to offer the best items possible, to have professional and efficient items for buyers to choose from, now there are issues of styles and guidelines and notions of what is supposed to be interesting for people purchasing

Ok, Thanks for all your advice, it gave me a lot of knowledge. I will try my best to come up with a design that will be market-approved. If I succeed, would you mind leaving a review on my design later?