Please Help Me I am Upload 8 Time in Envato Graphics Rever website But Every Item is Reject .

Last I am Update Resume Template But Unfortunately Rejected Why ?

Please every one Give Valuable feedback

too flat item, as usual, not enough originality as usual, not enough hierarchy , as usual … maybe the right thing for u to do now after we explain the same things over and over again is that u start reading and try to fix according to what u are told instead of keeping on doing the same thing on another project everytime …

please do not get offended if one day people do not feel like answering to u anymore … they take some time to try to help u so please try to spend some time to read, understand and change the thing u usually do …

Please i dont no understand your feedback

colors too plain
design too flat
not enough originality
hierarchy of information not good enough yet

Can you sent some quick demo image file

hi this is too difficult i do not have time for this , u have to get to do the job by yourself with your own touch anyway, once again i invite u to learn fron others , especially from guys who have good skills and well working items too , watch tutorials and so on too, this helps to take your level to the next one …

@Graphicscity-sl, maybe CV / Resume is not for you. Try a different category. eg. Wedding Invites? Mock-Ups? Flyers? It’s quite hard to create a minimalist style of resume if you are not very good at setting a good typography.

hi buddy, let’s face it all categories are hard nowadays … so many guys in town and so many items to choose from, i tend thus to believe that authors should try to concentrate on what they are best and also on what they can bring something different according to skills, experience, innate talent and so on


You need to learn the graphic design basics. Also you need to improve your English.

Try to find contact authors from your country. It is more easy for you to learn the basics explained in your native language.

Or find and attend to a graphic design class in your country.

there are many things that can be found online too , nowadays , it helps … good youtube tuts or from elsewhere by the way … there are online class too, but maybe u are right the language might be a problem in this case …