Has been rejected,

Resume has been rejected, no idea why, could you please explain why its happened, and in case i need to improve means, please help me on this

Same thing happened for me. What reason did the reviewer give you for the rejection on the mail?, mine was “Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.”

You can check my preview in here: https://imgur.com/a/2T0sm6c

Perhaps, the big reason for the rejection items like resume is there are too many existing items already in the marketplace. But when you’ll notice that there are still items like this approved, based on my point of view, if it’s not a unique ideas, old player on that categories have more privileges to upload similar items in the marketplace and got approved.

u were already lucky lol not only did u have a feedback what some people do not have (and i know what i am talkign about … on the other hand maybe this is easier to hard reject when there are no reasons for this and to thus provide no fake reasons …) but u were not confronted , just like i did, to a hard rejection of an already approved item that is hard rejected in another format!

big number of items this is not an issue anyway … if so they would have to reject them all or select only the most wonderful ones when the fact of the matter is that they keep on accepting the same flat or poor things from some guys until they saturate the market with their 3000 items including 700 that have been sold at least once … or they would not push authors into messing with their previews out of ideology

hi indeed, your item is clean , though, u should try to put a little bit more effort into it graphically speaking, introduce some gradients fro instance to stick a but more to trends , or trying to change the clear blue texts so that they have more contrast with the background, u have to keep in mind that this section has a lot of items and that u need to bring a small additional originality to the table indeed

thanks you / confusing for the censors of graphicriver :smiley:

Confusing for the censors of graphicriver.
thanks you


I think you need to improve you item design quality. I think it’s similar design on Envato market.
Now Envato accept a unique design that are not available on Envato market.
try to create more unique item hope getting approved

Good luck.

Me will work it

tks / GL

LOL ahahaha, i guess this is why i have some of my items hard rejected and that some guys who copy my items have their items accepted when they are not as well finished as mine …