Why these flyers got rejected?

Someone please give me a solid reason. I’m very frustated.

Too basic.

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Sorry I say you that your design is basic, error typography, colors (second flyer colors like woman), spacing, background image party people not see very good, background black not good design, a men (first flyer) look angry or tired face, etc etc you need practice more. regards.

well, if so, the problem is that there are countless ones being far more than these two and which turn out to make it for sale , on a daily basis … actually, these are far more original, professional and tastefully executed than some being accepted …

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sorry Jeri , but all u said as regard to the supposed mistakes turns out to be untrue, if u ask me … the design style is the one that is supposed to be liked here and countless from the same style make it daily , why not this one? I have no idea … trying to come and comment the same thing on every single rejection that people are posting here is not the right thing to do to help people with the issues that they are facing as this is not reflecting a reality … . It seems to me that the spacing is ok, block seems to be at an equal distance at first sight. Colors are good and harmonious and the typography is far better than those from a lot of accepted flyers as there are offering some originality in addition of tasteful combinations. Models are properly selected as they are suited to the two different styles that we have here and commenting about the look on people’s face makes no sense, since this is a matter of message that u want to convey as regard to the concerned event, not to mention that the model is meant to be replaced anyways (and is not included)

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Thank you, I still don’t understand why they kept rejecting my flyers

I usually try to help when I identify things, here , I am sorry I have no clue …

with respect to your opinion, thank you.

I really don’t know why these flyers are rejected, the only thing i can see is that the pink guy needs a dropshadow to make it more coherse.
Some people in this forum say that the colors, typo, alignment is not good and
that they don;t see the party people in the background but that’s why it is in the background.
Well the colors, typo etc. looks very professional and HQ.
The pink flyer don’'t look like a women flyer, it is 2023 and not 2003 anymore.
Pink isn’t just for only woman anymore.

The flyers looks very attractive and looks much better than a lot of approved ones.
I quess that you are a pro.

So well done.

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