2 Flyers rejected, Don't know why

Hi there, 2 latest flyers been rejected.
Anyone good advice?

It’s usually the same issue when you post rejections, the imagery is nice but the text is under worked. First one is better, but both need the text improved.

Ok ToivoMedia
But HOW can I improve my typo.
I need your good advices.

hi buddy, yes Martin is right , u need to put a bit more into typo in a general way but what he did not mention yet is that u really need to do this effort in particular as regard to footers , besides , not only as regard to the fonts u use but also in terms of spacing too … and hierarchy too … indeed, according to what some people believe , u should be able to draw an elipse around the text and that this text can be included into it …

I actually really like the first one good job! Typography could be a little more interesting in some parts.

The second one think about the imagery you’ve used as some is related to the post but could be better :slight_smile: