Why Themeforest New Items Low sales??

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This is just a my own question according to what i saw about marketplace sales. Most Of resent WordPress Themes and Other themes have Very low sales in the marketplace, Anyone have same Experience? or am i wrong?

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This is a “great” experiment that Envato provided half year ago. The default sorting is the top sellers that’s why the newest items have low sales.

Yes Previously,(Before 2016) I also have Great experience With Envato Sales, but My most of recent Theme have very low sales, Im Still think this new price change option also not nice. (previously they control marketplace well)


Also we and i spoke with many authors

Drop sales like 50-80% of sales.

Some users got lucky and have little more sales but from what i see, from 30-50/ month, now are few sales or 0.

Sad ia that this is reality and can’t do something, just to make more themes and to do marketing.

Also, many have for WordPress 20 usd price so many will buy that theme because is cheaper then other theme.

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Yes, 100% agree with you, and still i think default category page default sort method should be “Recent Items”. I hope @envato Will Improve Marketplace quality.@payothemes thanks very much for your valuable reply :slight_smile:

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Well it’s July so probably many people are on vacations.

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May be. But this time i saw some big disaster in marketplace.

No, the vacation has begun from January to now and still on going :smile:

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