Why New items have such Low sales



Why is that newly released themes are having such pathetically low sales.
2 years back average per day sales of new items used to be 4 to 7 but nowadays even 1 week sales dont average 5 to 7 sales.
What is the reason?
Low visibility of new items or something else


A lot of new items = drop on sales. :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of item, and a lot of buyers. Back in the days there was different proportion


So what can you do for a new theme to be financially stable? Push it with ads and hope you eventually get a return through sales?


Nope! Just try making something new, which is not absolutely the same as all other new items. The only working “recipe”. It’s that simple.

Well… Yeah, in some cases a pinch of pure luck wouldn’t hurt too.


I used Google ads and Buysellads for my previous theme, it never helped in increasing quality visitors and bounce rate was very high.

The issue now is the popular files sales has more than tripled in past 2 years. For eg Avada which was making around 600 sales per week is now doing around 1900 sales per week and it applies to other top 8 to 9 files also.

My real time Google analytics for my first theme showed continuous visitors averaging 6 to 8 per minute for first few days but now even on day one I had a gap of 20 mins when there were no visitors.

The same theme which I have released now in TF is already on sale(but a modified version) on different market places has made some 50 sales altogether which was more than I expected.

With the current review times and low sales I dont know whether it will be worth being an exclusive author on TF


Yes, that sounds really simple. :slight_smile: Even if you do create such an attractive theme, there are still discoverability issues, your theme will be on first page for a week (if you are lucky) and themeforest will generate good views for about a month, after that you are on your own.

I noticed this as well, seems like people are overwhelmed by the amount of available themes, they don’t know what to choose so they go for the safe choice -> top seller multipurpose themes.
The rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer… just like in real life, so nothing new here, haha.


I dont think so. There is deliberate low page views for new items. I attach two screenshots

  1. My first 3 days pageviews for my previous item 2 years back which shows 4000 sessions with 7500 page views

  2. My first 3 days of the newly released item shows 917 sessions with 1400 page views. Its just 25% of the previous ones.

Its not like buyers are playing safe, I have seen worst looking themes sold privately by means of different marketing.


It must be my great chance :grinning:


It must be my great chance :grinning:

Sorry I cant understand?


After I started to sell, sale rates began to decrease :grinning:


Could you share us what are “different market places”? :smiley:


Nothing new you would be knowing already creative market and mojo


Anyone else tracking their analytics find the same drop in visitors??


This time i think is summer holiday so have low visitor.


Yes this trend is bad. Its simple more themes, more choice and the market is focused to promote popular lists meaning top sellers will get more…

The most disturbing thing is which i mentioned already, that top is rising bottom is falling.

Usually when top themes went up bottom on popular list went up. Not any more.

Whats the recipe? Well hard to say, i think most clients now want much more than just a theme. They need great support, video tutorials, good documentation, every now and day some custom little jobs done free etc.

Sales are chaotic. Predictions almost impossible.

But well the most resourceful and the luckiest will survive. Sorry to sound so grim but i wasted my words for a long time and nothing has changed.



Yes sales are chaotic, i noticed some elite authors themes ending up making no sales at all. Looks we need to also start different kinds of marketing.


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