What is it happening with our sales??

Hello for everybody, we are seriously worry about the situation who is affecting the sales of “themeforest” marketplace. Don’t you?? If you are seller, you can see your sales are down, the question is: why?? we are not sure about the answer, maybe we haven’t seen the news and we dont know the reason. Your know it? Your sales are ok? if yes, just write us what are you doing differently. Lately, we see they are approving many themes with medium quality also, there are themes approved with whatever amount of options, I mean you see an item with a lot of options by the same prices and the author who sold an excellent item but with one option be sure is going to losing the sale. what you think about this situation, we haven’t see any post from envato commenting this situation. you know some?
thank you so much :relaxed:

Envato won’t comment as they can see across all marketplaces what the sales are like and they will likely be increasing year on year.

There are so many variables why your sales could be decreasing including:

  • more competition
  • lack of exposure (the older your item gets the lower it will be ranked)
  • better items available (if yours is Bootstrap 2, buyers may reject it for something which is Bootstrap 3)
  • your items are looking dated (old) and don’t appeal to as many buyers
  • external factors (holidays / Envato support packs etc)

There rarely is a correlation between 2 authors both experiencing slowing sales as I said above there are many reasons, but you can try to improve the sales by promoting the items, there are lots of things you can do but a slow down of sales is normal on a marketplace unless you are in the top files as your exposure will slowly be going down. You either need to release newer items to make up for the older items or market the older items to more buyers see them (facebook, twitter, email marketing etc)


C’est la crise et les acheteurs se lassent
pas assez innovants, thèmes à répétitions !