Why the support does not answer?

For over two weeks i am trying to buy a theme. Normally, this should take max. 5 minutes. I dont’t know why, but my account got locked while I was trying to finish the payment. Because there is no e-mailadress for support, i decided to write from the support tool.
Now, 2 weeks are done, nothing happened. I have written 7-8 messages, no answer, even if I get a notifications, that the email arrived the support team.

I tried to create new accounts, tried to make the payment with different cards. It should take normally 5 minutes, now i am fighting for over 2 weeks and nothing changed.

The problem is, envato is the only platform, who sells this theme. Should I go and buy the theme for 4-5 USD from a untrustfull website?
What is wrong with you guys? No answer, no solution, nothing.

With this post, you can see, what it takes to get support from you guys - even i am ready to purchase a product from your website!!

Due to charge-back issues from the banks in Turkiye without confirmation at Envato, my opinion ( not official statement ) most of the new users are being detected by the system and marked as “unauthorized” therefor the account is getting locked right away.

Creating multiple accounts on a single IP with the same card could trigger the system as well.

Creating multiple tickets would be slowing down the process as well.