Envato support? why no reply

So its my first time to buy a theme and register in theme forest. I made a purchase of a theme and somehow my account got locked after purchase. Says it needs verification due to misstype email before purchase. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ENVATO SUPPORT TO READ MY EMAIL?

When you set up an account you will have received a confirmation email - did you get this and click it or was the issue that you spelt the email wrong so never got it?

It can take a few days for support to come back to you (excluding weekends) but am sure they will come back ASAP

Yes i had it verified. But after my first purchase it began saying my account is locked. Its frustrating coz i am i need of the theme so i can start on my project.

So support is not open on weekends?thanks

I don’t know if it is “open” over the weekend, but either way it can take a few days to get a reply.

They are inundated all of the time but they do work very hard to come back to everyone ASAP

Unfortunately they are the only people to help you.

hmmmmm i see… its a bit frustrating waiting to get ahold with them. Hope they could reply to me back asap if not i dont have a choice but to void my purchase. Thanks for the help

hi, i don’t really figure out what is the problem, if u are just opening an account, why did n’t u try to open a new one? this way u could have avoided the mistyping