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Hello, I am writing to ask for urgent help regarding a theme that I purchased from Envato 4 days ago. During the payment process, I received a “BAD GATEWAY” error, but the payment was still taken from my credit card. The theme does not show up in the downloaded items tab, and it is still missing.

I have contacted Envato and submitted a support request, but I have not received a response for 4 days now. My ticket number is 3138926. I am really worried and frustrated because I need this theme for a project that is due soon, and I am unable to access it or get any support from Envato.

Could you please help me escalate this issue and get a response from Envato as soon as possible? I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @sencerio,

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Edit: My bad! I thought the payment processing problem in your website.
Please keep patience, Envato support team will reply (ticket id: 3138926) as quickly they can.


If you’re using credit card registered in Turkey, usually, Envato or other third party companies need more time to make sure the card is not stolen ( This is a common issue in the country ) therefor it may take a while Envato to process your purchase.

The only support you’d be able to get it from the Envato support team ( #3138926 ) and you need to wait for the answer - it’s annoying that the ticket takes time to be resolved but there’s not much things to do.

Can you check your statement page if there’s refund processed already? If so, you will need to contact the bank.

https:// themeforest. net/user/YOURUSERNAME/statement


What does this mean? Will you refund my money or can I download the theme?



ki-themes via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com>, 11 Mar 2023 Cmt, 14:43 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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It looks like either instead of the refund, the money has been credited to your account and ready to use ( 61$ ) or you have actually put the credit on your Envato account instead of purchasing the item.

Either way, you can use the “credit” on your account to purchase the theme if you’re still interested in.

Thanks! Can I buy a different theme with my credit?

12 Mart 2023 Pazar tarihinde ki-themes via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> yazdı:

yes, you can purchase any item from Envato market using your Envato credit. If the total amount is more than your Envato credit then you have to pay the difference.


This is great! Thank you.

13 Mart 2023 Pazartesi tarihinde mgscoder via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> yazdı:


I bought a theme. Now I feel this theme is not fulfilling my criteria. i want my money back. How I will receive my money.


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You can check this link to open a request but it needs to meet the criteria for a refund

You cannot request refund for the item you didn’t like.