Purchase problem

Hello, I wanted to buy the theme called EduMall from “themeforest” on 20 May 2021. I added to the cart and entered my card information on the payment page. Later, it was taken from my payment card, but the product remained in my cart and the purchase was not made.

P.S. Meanwhile, the payment has been processed and the money has been removed from my card account. The product is still in the cart.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


I opened the help ticket 2 days ago but still haven’t gotten a response.

Please keep patience they will reply as quickly they can. Also last 2 days was weekend.

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I wrote to the first aid center the day I bought the theme. It’s been over 4 days and I still haven’t received a refund. I contacted the theme maker and he told me he didn’t get paid.

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Please keep patience Envato customer success team will check it for you and will assist you. Envato customer success team reply all open ticket one by one and they may have a volume of the open ticket.