Why the authors can not get a second featured item?

Why the authors can not get a second featured item? Especially if the first one was blocked due to the “similarity” to another track only by harmony, without copyright infringement. Or for example it was a very long time ago and after that many new and interesting tracks appeared. I think such accounts need to be given a second chance to show themselves.

Hello, everything is decided by the administration Envato sites, the question is better to ask here https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us .
Good luck!

Some authors have had more than one item featured.
Anyway, there are around 19 000 authors that were never given even a first chance. So, asking for a second chance, sounds a bit insensitive.


Unless this was you, it’s hard to understand why anyone would feel this way. No one “deserves” to win the Lotto twice - especially those who deliberately copy the work of others.


I did not copy. We have half the market on the same harmony built. And I think that ficher is blocked not reasonably. Just someone from the authors saw a similarity with some kind of track. Last year, a fiatured item was given to several openly stolen tracks. They were changed and the track remained on the main page. So I consider the situation with my file absolutely unfair.

I don’t know about your track, I think you would have to post A/B comparison to get some honest feedback if thats what you are looking for.

I do remember one of the featured files that did a 110% ripoff from Stocksounds top seller. We are talking about exact copy of everything, just cover version in the tropical genre basically. I reported this to Stocksounds and got told a lot of authors reported the same. Still that track kept the spot, switched composition a couple of times and ended up as a corporate track with over 1400 sales. Where is it now? In the high traffic keyword monopoly club. So not quite sure what the moral of the story is… but at least the track is not on the popular files list anymore.

If you look at the 10 previous featured tracks (those not on the frontpage anymore) you will see the average sales is around 150-200 sales for a featured track. Which of course is very cool, don’t get me wrong, but getting a featured track does not secure you a career in stock music or placement in the popular files. Maybe 1 of 10 featured tracks makes heavy rotation on the popular files list and can get around 1000 + sales, but most of the featured tracks don’t.

So rather spend your energy on working hard improving your craft and maybe look for additional sites to sell your music.

Perhaps agree with you. But it is still a shame that for 100% plagiarism someone gets feature and starts earning. What kind of selective justice is obtained. And without this, in the current competition, it is almost impossible to raise an account to a decent level of sales. Since then, a year has passed and the account has not moved towards improvements. And I would not like to create a new one, and does it make sense …

I agree.

Are you talking about non exclusive account? You can also convert your exclusive to non exclusive if that is what you want.

No, I’m talking about a second account with new tracks, so that there is a chance for featured file

You make very cool music. You have a music studio or recording at home?

Ahh. The chances are so small of getting a featured file. Of 20 000 authors it is 0.005% chance you will be picked. If we say only 2000 authors are really active, there still is as little as 0.05% chance you will be picked. I would just let it be if I were you.

Thanks for the kind words! I record everything in my little home studio, or at least 99%.

Thats cool :slight_smile: What do you think about prices on Audiojungle at this time? I see that you have high prices on your account, but it is a lot of people who damping market with their 5 dollars prices. And it is the eternal choice to lower or increase the price…And Elements make me crying :smile:

Not sure why my post was censored. But ok let me simplify it. I see very little if any difference in sales numbers when experimenting with different prices.

I don’t consider my prices high at all, more in a safe mid range compared to different stock music markets (not just AJ).

What other markets are you posting, if not a secret?