How To Get 2nd Featured Item?

Hi all of you! I just whant tot know Is it real to get 2nd times feutered item and what can i do foe it?
I recently realized that it would be very cool to get this opportunity a second time for a push. Perhaps the Envato team will someday provide such an opportunity to me or other authors. But it would not be bad to know your opinion on this. How do you think it’s possible to get this a second time?

I haven’t even had 1 yet and you’re asking for seconds?? :joy:

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Why not? It will be fantastic for some authors!

Because it would be nice to give the opportunity to some authors who have not yet been featured

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Yes you can! Studiomonkey had featured track 2 times. Just wait for some contest where the prize will be featured item.

I think the Envato team will give such an opportunity to everyone! Maybe after this post!

It will be great! But I do not believe in it as much as what I was given featured author))

I would love to get only one! :smiley:

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Featured item for second time?:smirk:
Nah…it’s to simple…
How about featured portfolio?:slight_smile:

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How to get first ? :smiley:

To feature every author twice, each time for one week, would take until 3352 AD… so even being featured once is unlikely, but not outside the realms of possibility! Create high quality, unique, useful items and that will increase your odds considerably… or win a competition that includes being featured as the prize, as already mentioned… those are your best bets.


After the post of @SpaceStockFootage I remembered one classic scene with Jim Carrey


Cats is asking for a second cake and i haven’t had a little piece of the first one yet!:rofl:

LOL. I hope i will get the 1st featured track. :smiley:

I dont think it is fair for non featured authors that you are asking for a second featured item. Everybody deserve a chance, if you want a second you are taking off that chance to other authors.
Be happy because you had a featured item and enjoy that moment, now it´s time to others.

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Thanks for your opinion)

Thanks for your opinion)
I wonder what they think about this

It’s not gonna happen. So many authors dreaming about being featured at least once.

It happened to @LumenMedia. Never say never!

Thanks for your opinion)
Yes, i know it…but how?