Why some top authors don't have Featured Items ?

Why some top authors don’t have Featured Items ?:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Hello friends! We all want our files to be shown on the main page. We also hope that someday this day will come. But there are many top or elite authors who have been working for Envato for many years, but they still haven’t received Featured Item. The question is there any sense in hoping for this?
Have you had any experience with this? How exactly does the Envato team choose the authors for this?
They say the team is closely following new authors.
Now for example: If I opened an account several years ago and rarely uploaded high-quality content, but today I work very clearly and constantly, and the content quality grows (probably about each of us) do I have a chance to get to Featured Items ?

Let’s share our experience, as it will be useful for everyone! :musical_note:

There are 20,000+ authors.

There are 52 weeks in a year.

In 384 years you should have been featured, if no new authors join AudioJungle.

Chances are slim. :wink:


Hello! There is no point in hoping that your track will be selected. Just as usual, write good music and do your favorite thing. To whom the jackpot falls immediately, but to whom it does not. I know one Elite author (on AJ)(ALEX_BESSS) and for more than 6 years he has never received the “featured file of the week” (probably this is not even a single example). This suggests that there is no logic in how soon you will be elected there (it will take 5 years or 10 years, it is not known). But still he became Elite.
Good luck! :wink:

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