How did you get your first Featured Item ?

How did you get your first Featured Item ?
Friends, I wanted to ask how it was, what happened, write your experience. I haven’t received it yet, although I’m trying. :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face: )

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I got an e-mail from envato - We love your track “x” and we decided to make it AudioJungle featured file of the week. Congratulations! . End of story. Kinda unexpected due to the fact that the file was uploaded about one year before.


I would have listened to the same story about the featured file.
Itself, it’s unlikely when I wait for such an event (for 5 years of work).
But at least I’ll be glad for others :joy:.


I stopped dreaming of being a featured author a long time ago, let alone a featured file… But good luck, mates! :clinking_glasses:

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Still dreaming :slight_smile:


Don’t stop dreaming. I didn’t do anything special, except to give my best on each track, and one day came :wink:

Hi folks, I don’t have any feature track yet but I think it could be a matter of being constant with the uploads, it’s not about amount it’s about regularity and quality and some day we will get it, and a little bit of luck too. Take care you guys.

I wonder what the point of a featured item is when there are 3 authors that get permanent, concreted exposure in the 4 cards above the features? They certainly scored.

Still waiting for my featured item. I think Envato just forgot about me.

Good luck to everyone in the same boat!


Absolutely true. Is there any logical/official explanation regarding this fact? Doubt that. Truth be told, the featured item may be a boost somehow. But people tend to believe that their sales will go to the roof and all of a sudden bags with money will land on their doorstep. Wrong. I got a featured item, unexpected as I previously said. There were some sales, during the featured week, and some other w or 3 weeks after that. Then silence. Maybe because I based my repertoire on a niche instead of AJ tendencies. This is the reason I usually got constant sales. -ish. But they have dropped. It’s hard not to see the fall of the entire market. I am not speaking about elements because I don’t have inside information and is closed to us, anyway, so why bother. And back on topic. I am truly shocked by the fact you are still waiting for an item to be featured! You are listed on the first page of best-selling authors! According to the badges on your page, you had some featured items in the past. But I got your point. That’s a bitter pill to swallow for all of us.

My first features item was a plugin wordpress sms marketing plugin and then my script nimble messaging application and then my olx clone script (nimble ads)

It feels amazing to see your products and scripts to go in the featured category and later on the sales also went up high :smiley:

This actually was once the case! Unless of course the author happened to have a niche track featured. If you were lucky enough to have a corporate / cinematic / pop / rock type track chosen, you would almost certainly crack the popular files list at some level. Most would sell 18-25 per week while featured, while a small percentage would rise much higher. Well-produced corporate or cinematic tracks often did extremely well, and some even turned into hits that dominated the charts for years.

That is, until they changed the design of the front page :sweat_smile:

In the name of UX I guess. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Clearly this new design resulted in more conversions.

@promotionking I can’t see any record of your Features item and you don’t have any featured author badge in your profile! then how you tell your first features item was a plugin wordpress …

Agree. I decided to stay away from corporate music, although i do not know it was a wise decision, regarding the fact that the market is flooded with this genre. Even if i put all the effort in the production, it will get sunk by tens of thousands of daily uploads. But again.I might be really wrong.

Personally, I don’t even consider AudioJungle to be worth investing any time into (regarding new items). I know that’s bleak, but I am not seeing any signs of return on investment on new content. It seems to be a huge waste of time; which is a shame, because it doesn’t have to be that way

Judging by AudioJungle’s pageview stats on, the site seems to be doing rather well. I can even say that I’m still selling reasonable amounts of my top sellers after 4 years, which is a sign that there are still loyal customers that support the one-off licensing model. Investing more energy into promoting new items is something Envato should definitely consider in my book. That and a stricter item review process could even revive AJ for a few more years.

But search engine problems and the priority of new items has been an issue for many, many years. I have historically been a strong campaigner for putting new items first, and having a search engine that prioritises new releases, but alas, those efforts appear to have been to no avail!

I still have faith in AJ, and I am so incredibly grateful for what the platform has done for me over the years. I just hope Envato can continue to support the Market side of things. Elements is here to stay, and was an absolute given considering the increasing competition among other sites moving to the new subscription models, BUT there is clearly still a market for single-use licensing. Here’s hoping Envato is still aware of that :sunglasses:


Hey! I recently received a Futured File! I waited for this for a very long time and finally it happened))

So far, there are not very many sales, but I am excitedly waiting for them) In the first week, when I received the Futured File, I had an old website design and the views were at the level of 180-230 per day, then the design has been updated and views have dropped by half.

According to my observation, earlier many Futured Files used to become real hits and received a lot of sales. Unfortunately, I think this time is over :frowning:

Somehow they chose to put best-rated items first… which makes no sense for AJ. This is so stupid it shows there really is no-one thinking things through over at Envato. I mean any staff member should be able to spot this issue right away when they browse the site (do they only?)

Now the first track to be pushed on AJ, with no rotation whatsoever, is a track with an artificially inflated rating ratio, thanks to some shady marketing tricks. With AJ’s average rating to sales ratio, that track is going to remain there for a very long time indeed.

@KingDog @BenLeong, do you guys really see no issue there?

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Finally someone else noticed it.

@PurpleFog Mate, that’s hilarious. First time I browsed AJ market those ‘ratings’ made me laugh my a** off. We are living in a world where everything is artificially generated, boosted, inflated. There was a video on youtube ,( not anymore) which showed some shady asian entrepreneurs who put to work thousands of mobile phones in order to boost youtube views. They had an algorythm which played same track on and on.Obviously the video is gone. Of course they might be doing something different here, but thats a shady technique nevertheless.I have spotted tracks with 10-12 sales with 5 stars ratings. Is this the algorythm we need to rely on?

It’s the trending tracks with no sales that makes me laugh.

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Thats illogical by any possible means.How?!