1st Anniversary got Featured item! Thanks Envato!

This month is my 1st Anniversary on Audiojungle

Last night i got email, my item got featured on Audiojungle
i’m speechless…shocked and feel very happy in the same time
there are a lot of great tracks on Audiojungle, but Envato choose one of my tracks
I’m honoured to accept this

Thank you for your gift Envato!


congrats! :wink:

Hey @Neozilla

Congratulations! Keep it up! Your featured track is very good!


Congrats and Enjoy the ride :smile:

Congrats, man! Enjoy this rare moment of glory.

It’s so cool man!!! My CONGRATS TOO!!!:slight_smile:

Congrats, great work!! :beers:

Congrats :wink:

Thank you!

@InspireMotivate Thanks! Cheers!

@LumenMedia Thanks! Lol still want to congrats you too

@Synthezx Thanks man! appreciate it

@Hyperprod Thanks! glad you like it

@MyMusicID Thank you!

Congrats Neozilla…!! Beautiful Portfolio…Happy Upbeat is great track!!! :slight_smile::notes:

@MusicDog Thanks man! i will lol

Congrats! It’s really amazing achivement!)

Congrats! Enjoy your week in the spotlights!

@NoiseHoop Thank you! i’m not really sure it’s a great track lol

@LuckyBlackCat Thanks! still amazed

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