1 year with Envato! :)



Hi, community! I unlocked new bage - “1 year of Membership”!) It’s my first Envato Birthday :slight_smile: :birthday: I’m very proud to be a part of such great project!)
My achievements during this year:

  1. 1181 sales
  2. Author level 5
  3. 232 items at my portfolio
  4. Weekly top seller bage
  5. Trending bage
  6. And fantastic “community superstar bage”

Thanks Envato!) Thanks to all my customers and all community members!) Good luck to all! :ok_hand::v: )


Yay :smiley_cat::+1: HappyBirthday :birthday:


@LuckyBlackCat Dude, that’s an awesome first year, happy birthday/anniversary! You’re all set up for an amazing 2017, keep-up the good work! :slight_smile:


Big congrats @LuckyBlackCat! You’ve achieved so much in just a year! Good luck in 2017 my friend :slight_smile:


Cool! Big congrats @LuckyBlackCat!! :gift::tada:


One hell of a year man! Congrats! :sunglasses:


Wow, what a great first year for you @LuckyBlackCat!! Keep the good times rolling in 2017 :tada: :slight_smile:


Congratulation for completing first year :tada: Me and my team wish you good luck for success :slight_smile:


Congrats Super CAT! Happy Birthday!



@scottwills, thank you so much! :blush: Really appreciate it! :ok_hand:


@WildKittyTunes, @NisusPrideMusic, @PurpleFogSound, @BlueBuddy
Thank you guys!!! :beers:


Thank you so much, my friend!!! :beers:


It’s a wonderful year man. Congratulation. :tada:


Thank you so much!!! :blush::beer:


Thank you, mate! Wish you good luck for success and sales too :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!))) :beers:


@LuckyBlackCat Congrats !!! My friend !!! Awesome !!! I believe I will get to you soon !!! :smile:


Thank you!!)


You have achieved very impressive results this year. I wish next year to achieve even more. Congratulations, @LuckyBlackCat!


Thank you so much, mate!! :beers: