How I got my item featured

Hi everyone!

I’m gonna tell you a very strange story. This is the strangest experience that I got here on Envato market.

A few weeks back I got an email with notification that my item got featured. I checked my Audiojungle profile and saw that I got my “Featured item” badge. Nice! Five minutes later I got another mail that ANOTHER one of my items was chosen as a featured file. Okay. This is weird. Three more minutes later I got an email with apologies from Envato. Turns out it was some sort of a system mistake and my item wasn’t chosen to be featured. But they assured me that “I’m in the marketing team sights”. Okay, that’s fine, I can live with that.

One week later I wrote to the Envato support and asked to remove my “Featured item” badge, ‘cause having a badge without having an actual featured item is like having a cake without having a mouth to eat it. They kindly helped me with my request.

And here’s the most interesting part. Yesterday I saw that my item is on the featured items tab. But wait a second. It’s not on the first position. It’s on the FOURTH(!) position. Like it was made featured a few weeks back. Except it wasn’t. This time I haven’t got any emails. I haven’t got any badge. If you click on the “View more featured items” button, my track isn’t even there. And the actual item that got featured this week doesn’t appear on the Audiojungle landing page. I wrote to the support again and here’s what I got. First of all Envato staff gave me apologies. My item still isn’t featured, it was an error, they removed my item in the backend but not in the frontend. They understand this has not been a fair ride for me. And they will try to fix this ASAP.

And that’s all. I still got no featured item. What’s the moral of the story? I don’t know. I’m not saying Envato is bad or good. I’m just sharing my experience.

To be honest I’m extremely happy that I got an opportunity to work on this marketplace full-time for the last five years. It’s an amazing place that changed my life. But I really hoped that my feature item selection would look not like this at all. Thanks for reading! Peace! :v:t3:


Lol that’s strange indeed. I am sure you will get a featured item soon. You have great tracks ! :+1:

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Indeed, a very confusing and unusual story! Good luck with sales! $

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Check the homepage. Your item is featured now, in the second position. Good luck!

I think you didn’t understand some of the aspects in this situation. Yes, my item appears on the audiojungle homepage. When you log in through your phone it’s on the second position, when you log in through your laptop it’s on the fourth position. But it wasn’t on the landing page until YESTERDAY. Support told me it’s a system mistake and Envato will remove it soon.

5th position here. Chrome.

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Why will they remove it??

That makes no sense!

I see your track - 5th position :slight_smile: And yes, when I click on it it don´t featured…
It is not good that they have problem with system, however you are easy to see… after all it is not bad for you :slight_smile: I hope you will have featured item very soon :slight_smile: Good luck !

'Cause they wanted to feature it, but then changed their minds. Their coders made a mistake. I already mentioned that they removed my item in the backend but forgot to remove it in the frontend.

You can see my item isn’t there.

That is messed up in so many ways.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hopefully your homepage presence will lead to some sales.

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I know, right? It’s weird but I don’t mind! I think additional exposure is good! Just wish it wasn’t a mistake.:confused: But(!) I already got two sales. :joy:


sure your item must be featured after all of this happened
hope Envato will fix it soon and you will get normal featured item
good luck!

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Morality is, do not rush to letters in Envato :wink:

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It’s just a signal… something good it’s going to happen to you! :smiley:
peace and good luck! :smiley:

Wow, at least you’re very positive about it and no aggression in your post!
Keep up and I’m sure it will be “for real” next time soon!