Feature after feature?

Hey guys. I have a question. My featured item was deleted, because they found a similarity to some track. The file itself was not deleted, they asked only to change it a little. So … The badge has stayed, and I’m wondering if I now have a chance to get a feature on another track, because it could not be, but is the badge “Featured Item” on the page?

Did I get it right?
Your track resembles to another track and got deleted for this reason.
And you want to get featured again?


He’s wondering whether he has a chance of ever getting featured once again.

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I want to know if there is a chance to get the feature on another track, someday in the future.

I doubt anyone here can answer that for you 100% you’d probably have to talk to Envato support.

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Try to write your own, and everything will turn out! )


It’s all mine. The only time I took a foreign track for reference, I liked the sound, but it was taken and the feature was given. It was big problem for me. I did not expect this, which I regret very much. The question is whether there is now a chance to ever get a feature on another track

In any case, the chances to get a feature spot are slim to none for anyone. So statistically, it’s very unlikely you get a second chance anyway.

Probably it makes sense to ask for support, as he said (orbiterred)

That’s the thing, I noticed that fresh accounts have a better chance of getting a feature. Most fiatured files receive accounts that are no more than a 1 year old. Can it make sense to make a new account?)

IMO, you should keep on writing your own tracks (of course it is natural to get inspiration from other tracks, but without replicating them) and try to be succesful on your journey. You shouldn’t focus on getting featured, and you should forget about it.

Just have a look at the feature files currently being displayed, you’ll see that your observations are incorrect.

Getting a feature spot is like hitting the jackpot. It’s awesome if it happens, but you shouldn’t make plans depending on it.

Well, there are 17,000 authors who would love nothing more than to get featured.

There are 52 spots per year, so about 0.3% will be featured in a year. In reality less because thousands more will join.

Why should someone who got a little “too inspired” get two chances? The vast majority will never get one.

Focus on making good (original) music and don’t worry about the feature spot.


I think taking a top without a feature is much less likely than with it)))

Both options are comparable to a miracle.
And I managed to miss this chance … It’s sad

I have another account and on it for 3 years not a single track did not hit even the top new ones. I wanted to start from scratch, and a month later there was such a disaster