Disappeared Featured File

Hello to all!
I did not want to write this message on the forum, but all my attempts to get information about my problem in other ways were unsuccessful.
10.24.2019 one of my tracks was selected as Featured File of the week. Everything was perfect, but 10.30.2019 a new feature file was selected, and my track was disappeared from the Audiojungle main page and from the Featured Files page.
I contacted Envato Support several times (requests 1684955 and 1690845). 11.06.2019 support service reported that several departments are involved in my problem. After that, they stopped responding to my emails. Three weeks have passed and at the moment I still have not received an answer why my Featured File was deleted.
Each of us wants to get a Featured File and it is doubly disappointing when it is deleted without explanation.
I just want to say that I never violated the rules of the stock. If I did something wrong, then I am ready to fix it, but I do not know what needs to be fixed. Please help me to get an explanation!

Sorry to hear that mate. Probably there is some reason for that, but I do not understand why they didn’t give you any feedback.

I think the people who work on marketing team for featured song do a really really bad job. Too many mistakes, favoring some authors by choosing 3 times and more of their songs, which is strictly against the rules.

I am really discouraged and disappointed how things work here now.

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Hey RainyAudio! Thank you for participating in the topic! The forum is my last hope for solving this problem.

I’ve noticed featured files suddenly disappearing and being replaced by another on a surprising number of occasions…

I’ve always assumed that the author in question would have been told what the problem was, but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet in this case.

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Is there any chance it was “too similar” to another track? Several featured files have been deleted for that reason. Can you link to the track?

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This is the strangest thing. For three weeks I wrote in support, but received no information.

Hi EightBallAudio! The link is in my first post.
Speech about this track: https://audiojungle.net/item/happy/24422535

Oops, missed the linked text. Thanks.

Bad news here. Did you use any sample libraries here?

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Hi LumenMedia! Thanks for participating in the topic!
I used several drum one shots from Splice. Everything else I wrote manually in Cubase note editor using synths and Kontakt instruments.

Doesn’t sound similar to any tracks I’m familiar with, but then again, I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge of Audiojungle tracks that someone like @AurusAudio does.

I can’t really think of any other reasons they may have pulled your feature, unless maybe you engaged in self-purchasing, but that really doesn’t fit either. Guys who do that usually have a bunch of tracks with 10 or 20 sales with 5-star reviews (which you do not.)

I’m baffled.

I am for fair play, so I never violated the rules of the stock and never bought my own tracks. Also, I did not receive any complaints about plagiarism either from Audiojungle authors or from Envato Support. This is a very strange situation and I also do not understand the reasons why my Featured File was deleted. In any case, thank you for participating in the discussion. I hope this gets the attention of someone from the Envato team.

Very bad!!! So sorry for that. It happens at @WavebeatsMusic a couple of week ago, maybe he can explain something.
@EightBallAudio I see that your featured file has changed when they chose you. It’s been your decision or envato decision?

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It was mine, and probably a mistake :neutral_face:


Hi Everyone! Today, I finally got a response from Envato Support. I was informed that my file was deleted due to a price change. This could mislead customers who visited the Audiojungle home page.
The rules do not say anything about restrictions on changing the price of a Featured File, but I understand the motives of Envato Team.
All I can do in this case is to advise you not to make sudden price changes if one of your tracks has been selected as Featured File.
I hope no one else gets into a similar situation!
Thanks to everyone who responded in this topic!
I wish you all good luck and good sales!


Surely if price changes can be a problem for featured files then they should inform authors of this in the e-mail notifying them that their file is going to be featured. It seems very unfair not to warn people and then penalise them after the event.


Sorry for your case and thank you for sharing this information, is very helpful for every author. +1 for @PaulGraves. Why don’t we have an article about what we can do and what we can’t do if our file is featured? Is possible to make this for us @BenLeong and Team Envato?


Sorry to hear that. Total overreaction. It seems like an issue that could have been easily solved in 30 seconds by having one of their website team update the homepage feature frame.

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This whole thing is a disgrace.

Why couldn’t they just ask you to set it back to its original price? end of story.

They really handled that in the worst way they could have. Why does it looks like they always take the worst route for pretty much anything?


I can’t imagine what you are feeling! So so sorry!
I hope for another featured for you!

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