Missing music tracks

Hello all, I submitted 2 new music tracks a few weeks ago and saw them in my que as waiting to be reviewed. When I checked for the status 12 days later, they are not showing up anymore in my profile, just vanished.
No information on accepted or rejected, does anyone know why the 2 tracks would just disappear? Thanks in advance for the information. M.

Check your spam folder, or «promotions» section in your Email box. Or, if items were Soft Rejected, you should find those in Hidden Items tab in your Dashboard. But something tells me that your tracks were rejected, unfortunatly.

Thanks Theo_Sound, I have checked those areas but nothing appears in there either. M.

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Maybe you can open a tiket for Envato Help…

Great idea, Thanks MusicLFiles!

You are very welcome… :slight_smile: happy to help :smiley: