Non Exclusive and Featured?

Do non-exclusive authors ever stand a chance of being featured?
Does it matter exclusive or not in terms of being featured?

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For a bit more than a year here, I have never seen non-exclusive featured item. Nevertheless, non-exclusive authors have a chance to get “featured author” spot. :wink:

From FAQ:

Does being an exclusive or non-exclusive author affect the possibility of my item(s) being selected as a featured item - eg. featured track, trending items etc?

Envato would prefer to highlight content that is not available anywhere else. For that reason account exclusivity may influence the selection of featured content.

Exclusivity does not influence an item’s ability to be displayed as trending.

There have been a few non-exclusives here and there since I started, but the sheer majority of featured files are from exclusive authors.

That’s nice from Audiojungle, they could earn more money if they featured non-exclusives more often.

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ahahha , that’s for sure ))) good move ))) :smile:

Yes it is possible to become featured as non-exclusive author. See “ikoliks” in featured files now.