What are the criteria for choosing Featured Item?

Friends, I think everyone would be interested to know What are the criteria for choosing Featured Item? Let’s share our experience on this topic. It would be especially interesting to listen to those who already had the featured item.

May God give us all good musical ideas, better quality and a lot of a lot of sales. All the best!:gift::gift::gift::gift:

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Even the authors themselves usually don’t know how they file was chosen to be featured.

But usually the quality of the featured items are high so we can only do our best and hope our item to be chosen later :smile:

It seems like there is no announced official criteria for Featured Items. I guess AJ got a spot that responsible for seeking for some insteresting items through the market and then just pick one as Featured of the week. But this is just an assumption :slight_smile:
Also you got to admit that uploading well produced stuff is making you halfway to Featured.

I was going to make a thread about this, but do you have to be an exclusive author to get a feature? Seems like all the features are always from exclusive authors (which I totally understand) but has there been a case of a non-exclusive author getting a feature?

In fact there was an non-exclusive authors with such an achievement. How about current #8 author on AJ. AudioQuattro is not an exclusive author, but somehow he have the Featured Item badge. Here’s a few more examples to make sure that this might happen to a non-exclusive author: Adigold, neilwarden.

So the key point is to upload the best quality product to the market and just wait for being Featured someday.


You should also see Justin’s answer here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers!

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It doesn’t seem like Justin’s answers reflect the present reality though. One of authors mentioned on other thread that the top authors are featured mostly. I suppose that new fresh names have to be discovered, not the faces and items everybody already knows and sees every time he visits Envato. Do you agree?

I think I saw in the past (last year) featured items that were from not top authors…I think that what Justin wrote there is still actual :slight_smile: but, hey :slight_smile: This is just my personal opinion, nothing official though :wink:

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