Waiting for a featured item for 8 years now.

I keep saying this I even tried to contact envato staff, please guys I deserve a featured item, I am one of the few elite authors that didn’t had an featured item.

I will keep posting stuff like this until you guys takes me serious :slight_smile: is very important to me, is one of the thing I always wanted since I’ve started here of envato I will no’t give up :slight_smile:

Thank you.

But you have the one right? It is showing up on your badges tab.
And you have also been a featured author. lol

I was featured as an author but never had a featured item, the icon has been added there when I was featured as an author I don’t know why…

If staff were more savvy they would have featured a solar eclipse themed item this week. Those items are selling because of the eclipse coming in the US. :thumbsup:

I don’t have anything against this,but I am with envato for almost 8 years and I deserve a featured item…

If you have the badge by accident, probably that has ruled you out? I would guess they only feature authors who haven’t been featured before. For example, I have the featured author badge because I was featured on audio jungle. I would love to be featured author on graphic river, but probably if staff look at my account they wouldn’t feature me. So many authors now anyway so probably takes a bit of luck to be featured, even if you’re making great items.

I think you have a point here. I never thought of contacting envato asking about this issue. Thanks for opening my eyes.

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