Partiality towards some authors, fair or not?

I have to admit that it seems to me that some authors come to the featured author several times or their songs come out on “featured items” several times also. Some authors get a “featured item” exposure, although they have less than a year membership on audiojungle, it’s not clear to me because there are authors who work hard for years and have great songs, but they do not get this privilege. To avoid confusion, I’m not talking about myself. This process resembles politics, well, I’m not really a fan of it. I will not mention the names, nor accuse anyone of anything, I just want to hear your opinions about this topic.

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I don’t know exactly how the files get into the “featured”, but it seems to me that there is a certain algorithm known only to the Envato team. Some authors have a “featured file” after 3 months of work, some after 3 years. All authors want to get the opportunity to appear on the main page of the site. And it is quite normal that everyone doesn’t please and there will always be satisfied and dissatisfied people. I think that you don’t need to take it personally, it’s better to continue working on yourself, improving the quality of your product. Don’t succumb to bad thoughts that the market is similar to politics - I think it’s paranoia)


BTW Sometimes featuring can be won in contest.


I do agree!


Can you give any examples of this?

I agree with you, of course I need to work harder and better. I’m not dissatisfied or paranoid, this is just one of my thoughts on this subject, I shared it publicly to see what kind of impression you have. As far as “featured items” are concerned, I do not think it’s a question of algorithm, it says “Every week our Quality team hand-picks the best…”

Yeah, sometimes.

You are the first.

As I said, I do not want to mention the names, as far as I’m concerned, these authors work remarkably and I have a high opinion of their music.

Thank you for your opinion.

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I’ve said it multiple times too!

Folks, just don’t get it wrong!

What we’re trying to express here it is that we INDEED in 90% appreciate the picked ones for the HARD WORK and all they do.

But, in 10% of the cases I have a feeling of frustration that they’re unfairly picked. Maybe it counts on your connections too, who knows.

Hopefully that day will come and reward the hard work of everyone who deserves it.

Real life example:
On Codecanyon there’s an item as featured which DOESN’T EVEN PROVIDE SUPPORT
The author is not active, the item is crappy, didn’t sell a dime since featured. Also, the rating is under 4.5 and has no updates since initial release.

Where’s the fairness here when there’s literally AN OCEAN of coders out there waiting to be rewarded ?


Ok I understand not wanting to mention anyone publicly, so please P.M. me if you have any examples. As RedOctopus said, an author may have a featured item through a contest as well as a featured item from a previous date, so they may have a maximum of two featured files, but I have not seen any examples of being featured multiple times.

I am a featured author now, I worked hard 9 years is this enough? =)
I am grateful for this opportunity, but it isn’t game changing achievement. So if you think that to be featured will change a lot - no it is not.


Well, I’m not sure if to be featured is something that changes you life… I think that the most important is doing very good stuff, have your items approved and participate in the forums, helping others to improve their music and transmiting good feelings to the community… as once someone from AJ team said, “customers are always watching”…


A feature is given to one author only once. There were exceptions, but then authors won the placement of his items in contests. So there’s no conspiracy.

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This is not entirely accurate. There has been at least one author that I can recall who had 2 items featured, not as the result of winning a contest. There was quite a bit of grumbling about it on the forum at the time, but let’s face it: Audiojungle is a business, and Audiojungle reserves the right to make whatever decisions it deems best serve its interests.

True, we might not understand the criteria by which items or authors are chosen for feature, but in the general scheme of things, there are simply so many authors and so many items that the chances of not being featured are far, far greater than the chances of being featured. There’s really nothing we can do but produce the best music we can, and hope for the best possible results.