Why some authors do not register their tracks in PROs?

I’m not sure but I think you can license your tracks with bypassing ZAIKS during the selling process. I mean - everybody does that. I don’t remember the agreement but maybe this was about overall PRO royalties system? About thing that you cannot transfer the ownership of your potential royalties to someone else. And that in the terms of PRO royalties they administer all your tracks - even those not registered.

as many others I don’t trust my local PRO, so if I register my tracks with BMI and one generates royalties in the US or another country will I get paid directly or through my local PRO ? can you associate a paypal account with BMI (or even ascap) ?

In theory it doesn’t matter in which local PRO you are registered. They have international agreements which are allowing to transfer money between them. In theory every tracked “abroad” royalties will be transferred to your local PRO.

BTW I recommend registering in ASCAP or BMI. ASCAP looks slightly more efficient in our case.

You’ll get paid by the PRO you’re registered with. They’ll also pass on royalties from other collecting societies to you, but this can take significantly longer. Ideally you want to join a PRO in a territority where you expect the most royalties.

BMI offers Bank transfer for U.S. Banks and checks for non U.S. residents.

Hi everyone! I have a question about Tunesat. I uploaded 26 tracks that were bought with broadcast licenses and Tunesat found nothing, no detections at all. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong? I’m not a member of a PRO at the time. Thanks!

Tunesat only scans part of tv: most from the USA and from some of the UE countries.

Your tracks can be broadcasted in other countries, other tv stations or in radio, cinema, etc. Tunesat won’t find them.

And normally Tunesat doesn’t find anything before upload.

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Hi there, I’ve a question about registering song to a PRO.

I’m with BMI and when I register a song it ask me the recording purpose. Here I select “Library” but after this they ask for a CD identifier, what should I write there? It’s mandatory.

Thank you a lot for help.

Thanks for advice @RedOctopus. Can you tell how you name the track when registering it in P.R.O.? Same as on AJ or name may differ from the original?

@MichaelCatAudio I would suggest same as on AJ. Usually PRO allows you to register alternative title as well.

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Thanks @RedOctopus. AJ titles can repeat from time to time (e.g. Inspiring, Epic, Motivational), what I can do with it? Or you try to name items always differently?

From my experience composer name has always a priority. This allows PRO to avoid repeating titles mess.

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I listened the best seller of the rock category in a commercial for wix.com during the Super bowl. The author is not register with a PRO :open_mouth:


Hello friends. I wonder if I can register my compositions in a foreign copyright company? For example, if I am a citizen of Georgia and I want to sign a contract with an American company. (I am a natural person and I do not pay taxes). thanks. happy New Year

All answers are here The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)

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